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Passionate Coaching For The Beauty & Aesthetics Industry

My objective is to help Beauty Salon and Aesthetics Clinic owners be able to run their businesses with ease and not feeling like they have to be in their business 24/7 and to increase the profits so they are earning their worth!

I am just a normal mum of 3 who first started out as a beauty therapist who after a few years working in the industry, i got the chance to have my own salon. I built it up from nothing to running as a successful salon and then personal tragedy hit and my outlook on life changed. I sold my salon.

Fast forward to 2013 and I now have twin boys of 3.5yrs old and I’ve just had a baby girl. My brain is going to mush and i need to do something. So i set up my own business around my family and it gave me an identity of my own again. One of my struggles when i had my salons was finding affordable advertising so that was what i wanted to offer others.

It was mainly a directory to begin with but as time has gone on and a re-brand to The Digital Diva, the business has evolved into so much more. I love social media and i love it when i help people to understand and use it to help them grow their businesses. I would like to think that it was much more than your average social media agency as i like to make sure people are confident with what I teach them. I also love the social aspect of my business too with being privileged to meet such amazing men and women, I am definitely a ‘people person’.

From coaching people and managing other businesses social accounts I am now going back to my roots of the Beauty Industry and want to help them to grow their businesses.

Beauty still is my passion and I've been incredibly lucky to be able to work with quite a few beauty businesses with the social media side of thing but now I am going further with it and now my aim is to help as many beauty salons and Aesthetic clinic owners to get out of just being busy for a small profit, to being able to step away anytime they like without everything falling apart and to increase the profits so they can live the lifestyle they have always wanted.

I look forward to meeting you.

Lindsey Green Salon Growth Specialist


Client Testimonials

Happy Clients


Lindsey has already helped me move forwards with my social media for my business in just 2 sessions. It was good to bounce ideas as well as gain good information about facebook and creating a plan for more successful events. Thank you Lindsey


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